Clash, January/February 2014 (part 3)

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anotherblackkid asked:
hi, i'm tall, dark, skinny and my ears is big as fuck. I only feel comfortable in big t-shirts and stuff like that cause i have a lot of curves. I really want to look good, and feel pretty, why can't i? And by the way, any good make-up tips for mulattos?


aw i think we all have those weeks. sometimes i wear mini skirts and crop tops no bra and sometimes i wear tees that are too big and bf jeans. bod issues can actually take over your life. just look in the mirror and learn to love yourself. im sure you are gorgeous and ppl stop and stare at you all the time. just know every girl has those moments or days. i challenge you next time you feel like that to get really dolled up and come up with the best outfit you can. then leave the house without looking in the mirror. i promise youll have an amazing day!

awe u are awesome 

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